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The following is a (very) non-exhaustive list of articles we would like to obtain for the collection. In some areas, several items are listed, any one of which would enable us to achieve our immediate purpose. On the other hand, we are always open to the possibility of acquiring additional examples of objects we already have. And, of course, history is being made every day! Part of our mission is to "collect for the future," which in today's climate of rapid change often means that we need to collect relatively current (and even experimental) items before time sweeps them away. Naturally, objects in working condition and including any pertinent documentation and accessories are the most desirable, but incomplete and non-working items may also be accepted depending upon rarity and historical significance. Software and documentation (including technical and marketing materials) for any objects we have or hope to have are generally desirable, as are vendor-specific memorabilia of many varieties.

Cray 1 supercomputer

Cray 2 supercomputer (at least CPU and waterfall) - the one we have is on long term loan

Set of "Napier's Bones" or "Napier's Rods"

Curta rotary mechanical calculator

Large slide rule used for classroom teaching

IBM 1130 minicomputer system

IBM 5100 portable system

Tektronix 4010 storage tube terminal with standard keyboard

Tektronix 4010 storage tube terminal with APL keyboard

CDC 6400 mainframe computer system

CDC 6600 mainframe computer system

CDC STAR 7600 mainframe computer system

HP 1000 minicomputer system

HP 2100 minicomputer system

DEC PDP-8 minicomputer ("Straight 8" or "Classic")

DEC PDP-11/20 minicomputer

DEC PDP-11/34 minicomputer

DEC VAX 11/780 supermini computer system

DEC VT-52 CRT terminal(s)

Honeywell H200 computer system


Any vacuum tube system or parts thereof

Univac 1100 scientific mainframe computer system

Burroughs B1100 computer system

"Dinosaur Pen" equipment (raised floor)

Data General Nova 1

Data General Nova 2

Data General Nova 800

Data General SuperNova

Data General Eclipse MV-8000

Teletype ASR-33 configured for Data General

Lear-Siegler ADM-3 terminal(s), with and without vector graphics

Soroc IQ-120 terminal(s)

Keypunches (IBM 026, 029, 129, Univac)

Card sorter(s)

Hewlett-Packard HP9845C desktop computer

Original copy of Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib/Dream Machines" (book)

IMSAI 8080


Ohio Scientific Challenger

NorthStar Horizon

Apple I microcomputer board

Apple IIe Platinum

Apple Lisa

Amiga microcomputers (500, 1000)

Very original (non-upgraded) IBM PC, preferably with shipping boxes

Very original (non-upgraded) IBM PC/XT, preferably with shipping boxes

Very original (non-upgraded) IBM PC/AT, preferably with shipping boxes

Popular and special-purpose slide rules

WWII-era bombsight

WWII-era fighter aircraft gunsight

Analog artillery/gunnery calculators and tables


Mechanical calculators capable of multiplication and division (e.g., Sperry-Rand)

Creative Computing magazine

early issues of Byte magazine

Other magazines such as Kilobaud Microcomputing, Call A.P.P.L.E., &c.

Textbooks, technical manuals, marketing literature

Aircraft simulators

Automated musical instruments

Novus Mathbox calculator

Texas Instruments SR-51 (as distinct from SR-51A) calculator

Magnetic cards for Texas Instruments SR-52 calculators

Magnetic cards for Texas Instruments TI-59 calculators

Magnetic cards for Hewlett-Packard 65/67 calculators

MITS Altair 680b microcomputer

Disk storage subsystems for the Altair 8800

CDC 9762 disk drive(s)

Filters, alignment cartridges, and media for CDC 9448 and 9762 disk drives

Filters, alignment cartridges, and media for Diablo 44B disk drives


Venix 86 (early PC-oriented UNIX clone) software

Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 operating system in pristine box

Early versions of Novell Netware

Early versions of 3Com networking software

Apple AUX operating system

Sider hard disk for Apple II

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